Ingram M-10 Transferable Machine Gun for SALE

Package: 1972 Ingram 9mm M-10 with original upper/stock and faux silencer 9mm Lage MFG slow fire upper with a 1/2×28 tri-lug muzzle device Upgraded grip and stock 7 new production magazines for $7995. Gun without Lage and muzzle device $6995. On a form 3 and we will eFile. The lower is cosmetically water damaged. The previous owner had this stored in a floor safe, however their washer flooded the basement and they forgot to check on this gun. The exterior has very light pitting, but internally and mechanically this weapon is 100% fine. This weapon has been test fired. We have taken the condition into consideration with our pricing, and this bargain of a machine gun is a great way to enter the transferable machine gun market.

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