NFA Sales: Silencers, Machine Guns, Tax Stamps

Looking to buy a silencer? We shoot all the suppressors on the market, across various weapons, with different ammunition, to ensure that we can provide real world feedback to you, the consumer. We are also a corporate sponsor of PewScience.

  • After the silencer has been purchased, we help you with your eForm 4; it takes just a few minutes to digitally efile your forms! We do all of this with you at no additional charge. Just have a payment method ready for your $200 tax stamp to the ATF.
  • And yes, silencers are legal to own, travel with, and hunt with in PA and in most states.
  • We enjoy taking customers to the range to shoot their suppressors, or anything else!

WE ARE BUYING MACHINE GUNS! Do you have a machine gun for sale, or are YOU looking to buy a machine gun? The transferable machine gun market is difficult to understand and navigate, but we can help you with everything!

  • We own NFA Sales LLC, which is our machine gun division.
  • We are one of the top 4 machine dealers in the country; we can source any of the 180,000+ transferable machine guns on the registry, that are currently for sale. We also do all the paperwork with you at the shop, for no additional charge.
  • We are more than happy to take you and your machine gun out to shoot anytime!
  • Dealer to Dealer transfers TAX FREE; eFile Form 3.

$35.00 for fingerprints (per set)

If you have any questions about NFA/Class 3 items please stop by the shop and talk to us; we love to educate and inform consumers about this side of the industry and all the fun it can be!

Class 3 Transfers: $100.00

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