We are a full service gun shop; anything firearms or firearms related we can build, fix, or create! Our turn around time for most services is a MINIMUM of 6-8 weeks.

This is a list of some of our more common services. (Estimated pricing-final price varies based on the specific job):

Basic Cleaning: $60.00

Fingerprinting: $35.00


  • Handguns
    • 1 Color $175.00 2 Colors $215.00
    • Slide $75.00 Frame $100.00
  • Long Guns
    • 1 Color $200.00 Battleworn $250.00 Camo $350.00+
  • Graphics – $50.00 each

CNC Engraving: $75.00

Cut and/or Thread Barrels: $185.00

RMR Cut: $185.00

Pin and Welding Muzzle Devices: $75.00

Stippling: $200.00

Inquire about any other general services at the shop.

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