Remington 760 Carbine in 30-06

ATTENTION PENNSYLVANIA HUNTERS AND SHOOTING ENTHUSIASTS-LOOK AT WHAT WE HAVE HERE!!! An iconic and classic Factory Original 1972 Remington 760 CARBINE chambered in god’s caliber, the versatile and popular 30-06! These 18.5” barrel carbines are cult classics and are very hard to find, as not many were made compared to the standard 22” rifle configuration. The condition is excellent! These little carbines were made famous by Larry Benoit and his sons that were known back in the 1970s through the 1990s for consistently tracking and killing big bucks; they exclusively used these Rem 760 carbines as they were easy to point and handle! This is a perfect deer rifle or collector’s item for your collection! Don’t miss out on this one folks!

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