2 March Range Demo

Our range demo at the Mainville range went very well. We met up with some fellow members of the range, and we also brought a few guests along. We shot many weapons over a period of 4 hours, which included suppressed CZ Scorpions, Kriss Vector in 10mm, AR-15s in 5.56 and 300BLK, AKMs, Desert Tech MDR in 7.62, CZ handguns, Glocks, Robinson Armament XCRs, and even a Mosin Nagant (yes, that was also suppressed).

If you are a customer and would like to get some range time with us, PLEASE LET US KNOW. Whether you are a new shooter, have a suppressor on order, or you just want to try something new, we love to take people to the range. We shoot on a weekly basis.

Here are some highlights from the day:

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